Sourcing is our culture

From medium to technique, material to final product, Vendavel opens you to a world of excellent know-how and creative possibilities.

  • Raw materials, threads, knits and fabrics
  • Leather and skins: chrome and vegetal tanning
  • Furnishings and metalwork
  • Embellishment: dyeing on textile or leather, embroidery, leather-molding
  • Artisanal and digital printing (in small and large series)
  • Customize and increment the quality of finishes: packaging, labeling, buttons, closures, zips, etc.
  • Customization and personalization: embroidery, printing, heat-stamping
Vendavel, le sourcing

Vendavel, international

Made in France and its local particularity in the international markets

As for standardized industrial production and relocalization logistics, Vendavel can restore regional particularity to products thanks to our links with a plethora of local techniques and know-how.

  • Research on regional know-how, specialized artisans and manual techniques
  • Research on producers of local raw materials (wool from the Alps and Pyrenees, tweed from Scotland, etc.)
  • Expertise of European (France, Italy, Portugal, Romania) and Asian (Japan, Korea) basins

Vendavel, héritage et tradition

Heritage and tradition

The tradition and nobility of natural fibers (cotton, silk, linen, wool) and a centuries-rich historical textile culture, that expresses itself in both artisanal and industrial practices, allows for a reinforcement of the spirit of collections and the image of brands:

  • Lyonnais silk jacquard
  • Italian printing tradition
  • European linen producers

Vendavel, développement durable

Sustainable development

The origin of raw materials, natural or recycled, produces and transformed so as to respect environmental regulations. Eco-friendly materials and natural dyes made from plants and minerals, tanning with tree barks, vegetable-tanned leather, organic cotton. The management of specific labels can help to respond to these constraints.

Vendavel, éthique et transparence

Ethics and Transparency

Assuring an ethical sourcing allows us to respond to the need for transparence in terms of the origin of products and guarantees the respect of social and worker’s regulations. The management of certain labels can help to respond to these constraints.

Vendavel, innovation

Innovation and Creativity

Thanks to our presence at salons and research into suppliers, Vendavel guarantees a permanent eye on the market for innovating materials and emerging techniques: digital printing, 3D, etc.